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Founder/Soil Scientist

Dr. Rita Abi Ghanem holds a Ph.D. in Soil Science from Washington State University with an emphasis in soil microbiology and sustainable agriculture. Her career focus aimed at developing more sustainable agricultural management practices to produce higher quality food while protecting the environment.

Dr. Rita Abi-Ghanem has extensive experience in humic acids and soil health. She previously led a team developing and testing carbon-based soil and plant liquid-nutrition products and coordinated with scientists in the United States and worldwide to set up research projects to test the efficiency of the products. She also built an advanced soil fertility and chemistry laboratory and hired a team of scientists.

Dr. Abi-Ghanem was a member of the Humic Products Trade Association Science Committee, the Fluid Fertilizer Foundation Research and Education Committee, and a member of the Agricultural Science Committee of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Science Advisory Board (SAB) and the Science Communication Editor of the Soil Science Society of America Journal.

Among the projects on which Dr. Abi-Ghanem has collaborated internationally are the United Nations- Biodiversity Program — for which she evaluated foliar and seed-borne diseases on wheat and barley landraces in Lebanon — and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Agricultural Research Connections (ARC) workshop during the summer of 2013 in Kenya for improving soil-plant-microbe interactions and natural nitrogen supplies. She has provided education to Iraqi scientists in agricultural methods and soil ecology through sessions held in Egypt, Syria, and Jordan. Dr. Abi Ghanem also served as an executive board member of the Association of International Agriculture and Rural Development (AIARD) headquartered in Washington DC and has extensive experience working worldwide.

Rita Abi-Ghanem, Ph.D.


Having worked with Dr. Rita Abi-Ghanem for over 10 years, I’ve witnessed firsthand the depth of her expertise and the passion she brings to soil science and agriculture. Her comprehensive, research-backed insights have been invaluable in advancing sustainable practices and optimizing crop yields. I am confident that growers will greatly benefit from her wealth of applied knowledge and innovative approaches to soil health and plant nutrition. Rita is not just a consultant; she is a true ally to the farming community, dedicated to nurturing the earth for a more fruitful tomorrow.

Patrick Freeze, Ph.D., Director of Research and Development, Soil/Soil Health Testing

Ward Laboratories, Inc.

Managing our R & D program and providing product technical support to our sales team, Dr. Rita Abi Ghanem provides an excellent professional service with years of experience as a Soil Scientist. Her attention to detail and impeccable work ethics mirroring our own company values and integrity. We are proud to be associated with Dr. Abi Ghanem and value her as a member of our team.

Dirk Barnard, Market Development Manager

Omnia Specialties, Inc.

I have known Dr. Rita Abi-Ghanem since 2009 when I was affiliated with the U.S.-based Association for International Agriculture and Rural Development, and she was as selected as one of our Future Leaders from a very competitive group of outstanding young professionals. That designation as a Future Leader certainly was prescient — since that time she has proven to be an outstanding soil scientist, plant pathologist, and science enterprise manager, and has been duly recognized as a leader in her field. She is delightful to work with, highly qualified and experienced, and a dedicated service-oriented professional who I would highly recommend.

Susan G. Schram, Ph.D.

TBR International Consulting

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Rita Abi Ghanem. She is an exceptionally knowledgeable and talented soil scientist who led a team of R&D scientists to build a new soil and plant analysis laboratory and to develop new agricultural products for soil nutrition and disease abatement.

Michael Bellefeuille, Consultant

Algal Technology and Production

I have worked with Dr. Abi Ghanem for over 15 years on a variety of research and extension (outreach) projects. She is a versatile, accomplished soil scientist and consultant.

Richard Koenig, Ph.D., Professor, Crop and Soil Sciences

Washington State University

Dr. Abi-Ghanem shares her incredible depth of knowledge using a clear, interactive approach that brings to life the important world of soil health. Her presentations are of utmost professionalism and demonstrate ways in which her academic expertise can be applied to the field of improving soil conditions and ultimately crop health.

Erin Krier, M.S., Coordinator/Assistant Professor, Agriculture

Allan Hancock College

I have known Dr. Rita Abi-Ghanem since she was in graduate school at Washington State University. We worked together on several international research and extension projects in Egypt, Syria and Jordan. Rita not only worked with teams from WSU International Programs on these projects but led many. Probably the most impactful project she led was with a team of WSU women faculty training Iraqi women extension agents. I look forward to working with her in the future and watching AG Consultant Services grow.

Chris Pannkuk, Ph.D., International Agricultural Specialist